Kristof Minnaert

Kristof Minnaert

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First Name * Kristof
Last Name * Minnaert
Username * Maph
Country * Belgium
City Ghent
Nationality Belgian
Languages DutchEnglish





Originally from a small town close to the border of Holland, I'm a self-thaught CGI enthousiast; trying to squeeze my way in to the professional CG world.
I love sculpting and 3D, and I basicly don't do anything else in my spare time except for the occasional social events.

Other than that, I'm quite the fanatic person when it comes to dark and experimental music. In the light of this style of music I've released a couple of albums in the 'scene' (mind the quotes) and I enjoy stirring up moody feelings by the use of onorthodox instruments and household equipment.


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